Carlo DaVia
Carlo DaVia campaign leader

Hi, everyone! I might be a number of things, but a salesman is not one of them. My bank account can attest to that. So I'm going to keep it simple:

I would like you all to consider donating to Spark. If my birthday can serve as a meaningful excuse for you to get charitable, then great. If you didn't know that it was my birthday, but tax accountants or cute children compel you to be beneficent, then great. Either way I'd be truly appreciative.

Perhaps more important than giving money, though, is getting involved. I love Spark - it's incredibly rewarding and lots of fun. So if you live in San Francisco or New York, or if you visit those cities with any frequency, let me know. I'd like to get you involved with goodness that doesn't come in Cheez-it form.

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