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Pray for the Vlei

For several months, we have been meeting with religious leaders from different faiths to plan a multi-faith prayer meeting at Princess Vlei. Now we will be coming together to celebrate the spiritual and cultural richness of the vlei; build our vision for a nature and heritage park at the vlei and unite Capetonians from all faiths and cultures behind the call to stop the mall. Read more at http://www.princessvlei.org/events-and-press-releases/2013/09/12/pray-for-the-vlei/

When: 2pm on 22 September 2013
Where: Princess Vlei, Prince George Drive/M3.
Bring: A blanket/camping chair to sit on; a palm-sized stone to add to the cairn we will be building as a symbol of our commitment to save the vlei.

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