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Sometimes, You Need a Soft Place to Land

Today, a friend (and fellow Texan!) posted on his Facebook page that he felt the need to "withdraw from all involvements, take a leave of absence, load the car..." in essence checking out and staying there for a while.

I wasn't surprised a lot of his friends added comments that they felt the same way. Some days...I feel it too. And when that feeling comes over me, I get in my car and take a short drive to Penuel Ridge where as soon as my tires crunch on the gravel drive leading up to the Main Retreat House, my shoulders start to relax and I can breathe.

There are times when we all need a soft place to land; a place to unplug and simply be. 

Penuel Ridge continues to be, that place for me. 

As my 54th birthday draws near, I would be honored if you, my friends and family, would join me in supporting Penuel Ridge through a gift to my birthday campaign.  

Campaign Goal: $1,500

Raised-to-Date: $100

Shout out to Melissa for being the first donor to my birthday campaign!

Hugs and much Love,


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