Rich Paradise
Rich Paradise signed

I just did NOT see any reason why the Dog Max had to be popped off so fast and for nothing, as I see no other reason. Fear of the Dog Max, was not there at all, to shoot the Dog Max. I know what it looks like and how it is when a big Dog attacks, and this Dog Max was far from it, or that is NOT attacking.
Why didn't they just let the owner put his Dog Max, back in the car (simple)? Max had simply jumped out the window that was partially down, to be with his owner. Max was NOT called to attack or anything like such, NO! Max looked at the most confused, but NOT vicious. The owner of Max also had a camera, and he was NOT acting in any way that would imply having a weapon of some sort! Things were taken to a level that didn't have to happen. Dogs to a lot of people like myself, are a part of the family, they are important. This made me think, what if that was my Dog? I would NOT be pleased or excepting of it in any way! I do NOT hate the Police, I just can NOT see in any way, why the Dog had to be put down. The Dog owner looked to be taking pictures. I have a hard time making the connection though, with the level it escalated to. What took place, and was done. The Dog Max being killed!
Honestly what I viewed on screen/video of what happened, and my feelings from it.

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