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The Center was able to work with our Tanzania partners to establish a kindergarten (approved by the Ministry of Education in Tanzania), help train nursing students, provide food and meds, and help do what needed to be done.

Doing this kind of work one sees a lot of malaria, and as is the case with most infectious diseases, it is an incredibly ugly way to die. It can be a preventable death—when intervention comes.

While nets are great to prevent it, what if your family could not afford one (or three) and you contracted malaria, then what?

Well, we found out that the cost for a complete treatment protocol was 73 cents (in US dollars, er, cents). We also learned that 28% of those treated were children under the age of five. They not only got their life back, but also their future.

Thanks to people like you, this can happen. Please donate now, 73 cents can go a long way....


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