Mark Sussman
Mark Sussman campaign leader

Folks, is there something you’d like to “petition” our fellow Citizens to celebrate and revere about the uniqueness of America?
Does it start with the Principles enunciated in our Declaration of Independence, which are then embodied in our Constitution as a bedrock streucture to preserve our American form of government. The Founders created these documents, believed deeply in them and fought a difficult war to put them into practice. They were the inspiration for President Lincoln’s description of a Nation “of the People, by the People, for the People”.

Importantly, the Constitution gives Citizens a mechanism to make occasional adjustments to our Constitution. In recent times, as varying political leaders take an oath to preserve, protect and defend this document - - they also have a habit of gradually draining power away from the People and accumulating it in the Federal government. It’s time for the Citizens to remind our Elected leaders, that straying from our bedrock document is not in the People’s interest and we need to emphasize those thoughts to all our Elected Representatives. The way is clear: a Constitutional Amendment. This Petition is not intended to be that Amendment, but it is intended to enunciate some of the CITIZENS’ Responsibilities that should be contained within it. If you think too many folks are losing sight of this fundamental anchor that undergirds American freedoms, under the guidance of the Citizens, then please sign this Petition and forward it to your friends for signature too.

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