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On Patrol with Wildlife Rangers: "An Intense Experience"

Written by WWF's Matt Lewis

We walk in single file, maintaining absolute silence as we make our way through the dense undergrowth. I am following the lead of the park rangers patrolling a particularly vulnerable spot in a protected area in Lobeke, Cameroon.

We are constantly aware of our surroundings. There is a strong current of anxiety that at any moment we could run into an elephant on the trail, or—heaven forbid—run into an armed poacher with an AK-47—one who sees us before we see him and opens fire.

Being on patrol with rangers is an intense experience. The high risk that rangers take on patrol creates a cocktail of anxiety, terror and a sort of exhilaration. And yet, rangers go out and do this day in and day out, year after year. They are often paid very poorly by the governments that employ them. They may not be given proper equipment and—in some cases—cannot even afford good boots for patrolling.

That’s where WWF and Back a Ranger play a key role.

The funding that we’re able to provide helps supplement rangers’ salaries and keeps them employed when they go unpaid for months at a time. We can help provide meals to rangers as well as first aid equipment. Even the smallest contribution buys extremely important supplies to help a ranger do his or her job. And that can directly result in saving the life of an elephant.

Give back to our rangers >> https://www.causes.com/back-a-ranger

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