Cameron Black
Cameron Black campaign leader

All across the world, the human rights of the LGBT community are at last being recognised, protected and enhanced. Marriage equality is being enacted in country after country and legislature after legislature. Russia, under the rule of Vladimir Putin, is a stark exception. There, a new law prohibits the "promotion" of "alternative" relationships. As a result, gay couples kissing or so much as holding hands in public face arrest, and gay people have been attacked and ferociously beaten by emboldened gangs of homophobic thugs. And now the Winter Olympics are about to take place there. Governments and national Olympic Associations are unlikely to take significant action, but individual athletes can. If hundreds of them took part in the opening ceremony carrying and waving rainbow flags, what a message of support would be sent in the full glare of global publicity and on global television. The Russian government would be forced to either decimate its games or accept massive embarrassment and a bloody nose, and a mammoth gesture of support for human rights will have been made. To the athletes, please support this campaign; to the rest of the world, please stand with them and help show them the support they have.

Thank you.

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