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In 2012 I fell ill and ended up in intensive care. After 2 weeks there I was discharged to a rehabilitation community. While there, I pretty much gave up. I was in pain constantly, had lost hope that I'd ever be normal again, and just didn't care to fight anymore.

Until my family brought me in my laptop. The escape, the solace that writing brought me can never be matched. Immersing myself in a world where I wasn't an invalid, where I wasn't on a 24/7 IV helped so much. The friends I made cheered me on, helped me fight. Roleplaying on facebook saved me. Gave me a reason to WANT to wake up every day and to keep going even when the pain was indescribable.

Writing is an outlet, an escape for so many. The hurts and pains of the outside world can be overcome and pushed away in the face of imagination and social interaction. Facebook is a social media site, yet we get punished for being social on it. We don't hurt anyone, and mind our own business.

We save lives every day by enriching the darkness many live in, either by them writing with us or by simply being a fan and reading to pass the time. Facebook, please consider allowing us a way to verify our psuedonym accounts and keep our stories alive.

Heck, I'd be willing to pay up to $5 a month to allow my roleplaying profiles to be linked to my real life profile. You are a business. Think of the increased revenue lining your pockets if you worked WITH us instead of against us.

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