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Did you know that in the past 20 years, only two new drugs have been approved to treat childhood cancer?

Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute are focusing on a new class of drugs, called Pyrrole–imidazole polyamides, to treat Wilms Tumor – a kidney cancer that occurs in young children.

They've identified an oncogene, LIN28B, as a potential cause for Wilms Tumor. The drugs they are working on have the potential to suppress this cancer-causing gene. LIN28B has been implicated as a cause for breast cancer and neuroblastoma, too. We're hoping that researchers can use those findings to better treat Wilms Tumor.

We're committed to funding this project through our 2013 Childhood Cancer Research Grants, but we need your help.

Take the Go Gold pledge by donating as little as $10. Then ask your friends to do the same.

Help us get one step closer to a cure for Wilms Tumor.

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