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My dogs are family to me. They have been by my side through some very rough times, and have helped nurse me to health when I have been injured. They lift my spirits and give me a reason to keep trying when I feel like giving up. I can not have children, and they are not substitutes, but they love, need, and depend on me for survival. I, in turn, rely on their companionship, kisses, and snuggles to bring joy to my life. Their lives are so short, as it is, and to have someone so cruelly just end that life, with great suffering, as if it were insignificant, is horrifying to me. Max's human could do nothing to stop this as he looked toward him for help, frightened and confused. He died terrified, and in pain, not knowing why his human did not come to his aid, when he had lost his life to do the same. That officer is a terrible man. He had no reason to shoot Max. He deserves to lose his job, without question. If he could do that, without reason, to a helpless animal, in front of a camera - what else could and would he do?

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