Eloise D Prevost
Eloise D Prevost campaign leader

Maricopa County animal shelters in Phoenix, AZ, have extremely high euthanasia rates. Dogs and cats are being killed by the thousands ! People need to take responsibility for this crisis of thousands of dogs being put to death here every year. The only way this will even begin to correct, is to pass a law requiring "mandatory spay/neuter". Puppies and dogs from "licensed breeders", before going into homes, should be spay and neutered, vaccinated, licensed, and micro-chipped, as too many dogs entering the shelter systems go unclaimed. > Passing a law requiring "mandatory", can and will make a difference. There are already programs and organizations out there to provide funding to help get the animals spay and neutered at Low to No Cost. Please share and support this cause, to get this crisis under control. We need to progressively move forward to save them. The animal's lives are depending on it. >> The dog in photo, (was) a shelter dog, E-Listed for fear. The shelter did put this dog to death,,, for being fearful.


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