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Assure that No Child Goes Hungry.

Jeffrey Minton
Jeffrey Minton campaign leader

Imagine a community where all churches work as ONE BODY joined in the mission of God for the sake of their shared city! “What if we partnered with churches, schools, business, civic agencies, non-profits, and neighborhoods to see peace and prosperity flourish in our community?”

Community Member Dr. Greg Hayes said, “We need a HOPE in our community to stand in the space between and help us all answer the question, ‘Who is my neighbor?"

So with that being said, our goal and mission from our humble beginnings was to simply, “Reach people that aren’t being reached.” Like so many folks, we realized the gap between us and those we wanted to help so in March of 2012 we threw out all the things that we thought we knew and began to become extremely focused on our journey within the neighborhoods we serve. We are looking toward the future in a way we never thought possible!

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