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My husband came to this country from Yugoslavia at the age of 6. He was made a permanent resident and his parents are U.S. citizens. I've been with my husband for 20 years he's now 46 and I'm 39. I am a U.S. citizen and so are our 3 children ages 16, 11 and 2. 13 years ago my husband plead guilty to a felony possession charge and was given 2 years probation which he completed and we went on with our lives. We just bought a house 5 years ago, I started back to school in March, he works in the industrial painting field as a foreman and I work prn. 3 weeks ago our lives were turned completely upside down. My husband left for work like any other morning and 3 mins later he called me to say he had been detained by DHS. They waited for me so that I could have our daughter drive his truck home. The officer stated they had been looking for him for 13 years. When my husband received his NTA it was dated back in June. Its an eery feeling to know that we were being watched. They have been detaining him in a county jail an hour away and will not issue bond. We have used our savings to hire both a criminal and immigration attorney to help us fight this. I had to withdrawal from school so that I can pick up extra work. He is treated as if he is a criminal and housed with criminals. Our children have not hugged their father in over 3 weeks. Our baby son turned 2, 2 days after his detainment. We have to visit him once per week through sound proof glass. I went to see my Dr the other day for depression and anxiety and was put on Medication. We are currently in Meditation for our home and have a hearing scheduled the 23 of September. I don't understand how this can be allowed. This has torn our family completely upside down. I'm lost for words anymore!!....He had a Master hearing last week which was continued until next week and the courtroom was completely unprofessional. The judge was laughing and joking with her assistant who was chewing gum and blowing bubbles. When my husband came up on the teleprompter all they cared about was the picture of the U.S. that couldn't be seen behind him. This is my life they are holding and they treat it with no respect.

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