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Lily is our greyhound, rescued in England and enjoying retirement in Hawaii. While staying on a sailboat in the country harbors of the islands, we became aware that there were men meeting with vicious attack dogs and arranging floating dog fights by cell phone in those park areas near the sea and the harbors. If any police were called, they were in the trucks and gone. They noticed our Lily as she took a late night puddle, and that she was a female. A few nights later, we happened to overhear them (people do not notice a closed boat nearby). They planned to take her from the boat, to use her for breeding or, if she was spayed, for chasing down. The selective breeding of pitbulls and pig-hunting dogs includes greyhounds for speed. Other dogs and cats are given to the aggression-trained dogs for prey. There seems to be no way to catch or charge these ruthless men, and from their discussion it seems that they make a great deal of money on the breeding and selling of puppies, and especially on the gambling. The fights they plan are "to the death" and they feed the dogs gunpowder to damage their brains so that they will be insanely aggressive. Left alone, pitbulls are gentle and loyal creatures, who do not deserve their exploitation at the hands of these criminals. The police told us that there was nothing we could do to protect our dog. English mastiffs and other suitable dogs are stolen for breeding without reprisal. The bodies of victim dogs, savagely mauled, are found by the roadside. The law is always one step behind, because of the 'floating' nature of the gambling fights, arranged so spontaneously.

Something must be done!

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