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What is the most dangerous bicycle hazard in the city?

  • Potholes (16% people answered this)
  • Muni tracks (12% people answered this)
  • Car doors (48% people answered this)
  • Other bikers (12% people answered this)
  • Wet roads (12% people answered this)

25 people voted.

The mission of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is to transform San Francisco's streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. Our city remains a city of distinct neighborhoods, in which people of all kinds and means enjoy safe and easy access getting to work, play, and satisfying other needs. Our neighborhoods have less pavement and more green space and gardens. We find ourselves frequently interacting with our neighbors. Bicycling is commonplace with children and grandparents riding roads everywhere. Many people use all kinds of public transit - clean, quiet buses and trains; ferries; and motor and pedal taxis - which are inexpensive and run frequently. The wide sidewalks are busy and alive, free of parked cars but crowded with kids and adults playing games or holding sidewalk sales. Fast motor vehicles are used only for emergencies, and other cars are rare and travel slowly. The streets of San Francisco are inviting, free, social spaces where everyone feels welcome. The air we breathe and the water we drink are clean and healthy. 1. We value the urban community of San Francisco, our vibrant streets and public spaces; our diverse people & neighborhoods; and our capacity for bringing together a critical mass of people to create a new and better world.

San Francisco is one of the top bicycling cities in the nation. More and more bicyclists are taking to the streets to get around the city. We want to make the streets as safe as possible for everyone.
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