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Update on June 26, 2013


On Monday June 24, 2013 the hearings held by The Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project came to an end, meaning the approval process for this pipeline is now officially closed to public input. The Enbridge Corporation will be allowed to modify their proposal and the Joint Review Panel will provide its recommendations to the Federal Government by the end of the year 2013.

Final approval for this project will be left to the Federal Government. Prime Minister Harper has repeatedly shown a determination to sell Alberta Tarsands oil to foreign markets, supporting all projects with this goal.The Federal Government of Canada has spent millions of dollars in taxpayer's money on public relations campaigns, diplomacy, and advertising to push these industrial projects forward including the KeystoneXL pipeline, Kinder Morgan pipeline, Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

Industry claims $6 billion will be spent on the Enbridge Pipeline, with profits likely

approaching a Trillion dollars, when factoring in China's commitment and the Tarsands capacity for the dirtiest oil on the planet. Calgary-based Enbridge (TSX:ENB) told the Joint Review Panel that BC First Nations don't have an aboriginal right to direct oil tanker traffic. The BC Liberal Government told the panel that the project would not go ahead as proposed, however Premier Christy Clark is leaving the door open for changes that would warrant approval from the provincial government. This might come in the form of financial rewards for BC from Enbridge.


As the panel shut down the hearings in Terrace, BC the Enbridge Corporation announced it had shut down pipelines in northern Alberta as a result of a weekend spill of synthetic crude. The spill from Line 37, about 70 kilometres southeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta caused Enbridge to close its Athabasca and Waupisoo pipelines serving Alberta's Tarsands. The company estimates between 500 and 750 barrels of oil had spilled. Enbridge has reported 804 pipeline spills in the past decade discharging 161,475 barrels of oil into the environment and causing the death of 9 people due to Enbridge pipeline explosions. This is equal to 26 million liters of oil spilled. Enbridge is the biggest oil and gas pipeline company in Canada and has recently been charged with breaking National Energy Board safety rules at 117 of its 125 pump stations across the country. That means 94% of Enbridge's pump stations do not have the required shut-off value systems to stop the flow of oil in the event of a pipeline rupture. Federal regulations have been in place for more than 15 years to enforce these types of safety requirements but the Federal authorities have failed to report these violations by Enbridge. It was the media who finally uncovered these infractions on May 5, 2013.


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