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Update on April 05, 2013

An article published by Nature World News has depicted the devastating disappearance of Pennsylvania's second largest bat population. A cave that once was home to 10,000 individuals has been decimated to only 23 individuals. Helping bats is vitally important for the fragile ecosystem we can home. Although researchers, biologist, and specialists are continuously working on how to eradicate the fungus, or at least sustain existing bat populations.. we can still help by enforcing the federal protection of indigenous bat species that are already rapidly declining. Research has shown that many of the critically endangered crevice dwelling species in Pennsylvania prefer to raise their young in abandoned tree hollows modified by birds and other mammalians. If these species of bats do not have the opportunity to raise their young in forested areas throughout Pennsylvania due to deforestation and habitat loss then this only adds to the ongoing degradation of entire species.    

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