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Update on July 27, 2013

Hello everyone and sorry for very late update.The good news is Woodside Energy Ltd and major shareholders due to public outrage have withdrawn their support for the West Australian Government's multi user LNG port and facilities. Woodside have finally seen sense and are pursuing alternatives such as floating LNG facilities and piping. Unfortunately, some land clearing took place, a lot of drilling and a lot of pain and confusion for the local communities on the Dampier Peninsula. Premier Colin Barnett and the Federal Government have not scrapped plans for the industrialisation of the Kimberley. The WA government is continuing its plans for compulsary aquisition of the land area known as the "gas hub" and is continuing to pursue foreign interests to step in and fulfil his industrialised DREAM. For most of us, it is a NIGHTMARE.

The reason this update comes late is we have been continuing our intertidal and terrestrial surveys in and around James Price Point. The intertidal surveys are photographic surveys of intertidal lagoons, low to high tide beach areas, which includes geological photographic surveys of the same area. The terrestrial surveys include the pindan cliff faces, rare snakes and reptiles, and a small population of the Dampier Peninsula Bilby, all of them interesting and very cool. The terrestrial survey of the snakes and reptiles and I guess also the bilby has found that they are very rare and very vulnerable. The Kimberley is still under threat of industrialisation and the natural values and natural processes that have created the Kimberley are still very little understood, but we do know it is the greatest eco region on earth. It meets all the criteria to be recognised and protected as required for priority 200 listing. Our voices and signatures will now go to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. He must act and help Australia gain priority 200 listing for the Kimberley in its entirety to ensure the future of the Kimberley for our children. So please keep sharing, WE ARE BACK!

Whilst doing our bilby survey, we were monitoring feral cat movements. They are eating our most rare and vulnerable reptile, bird and mammal species, which included our bilbies. Please read Dampier Peninsula Bilby Vs Kimberley Killer Cat and please get on board this one, it's very important.

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