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Update on April 01, 2013

Thanks again for signing and helping! Updating is difficult at the moment, as I am on my way to James Price Point with my family to add our voices to the many individual voices that make up the Broome community. Anyone who wants to join in on research and survey activities at James Price Point is welcome to come along. There are large areas available for camping, caravaning, camp trailers etc. If you are self sufficient and have the ability to have fun and enjoy beauty, I recommend you come. This year we will be extending our surveys of the intertidal zones that Woodside intend to destroy. Also, we will be extending our terrestrial surveys of bilbies and their movements within the precinct zone. Last year with the help of a friend (Damien Hirsch), we discovered many bilby colonies that were not meant to exist (according to Woodside). Damien and myself have been the first to photograph bilbies in the wild at this location. It's been the first time bilbies have been seen in the area for over 20 years. Also, we found other rare fauna such as burrowing snakes, believed to be extinct masked owls and some of the weirdest reptiles I've ever seen. Surveys of whales, dolphins, turtles are also currently being conducted and help is always needed. New species of marine and terrestrial life have been discovered in this area.Whales and whale calves are on their migration soon the dredging proposal will effect them, noise generated by dredging operations underwater will confuse and distress mothers and calves which could result in seperation of mother and calve and even worse real chance of accidental beaching, resulting in death. 

Woodside's dredging proposal will have devastating consequences for the whole Kimberley region. The threat of disease by dredging 36 million cubic metres (enough to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground up to the rooftop 22 times!!!) is very real and unavoidable. Woodside's ability to synthesise and deconstruct the natural values and processes that have created this massive ecoregion are deliberately false and designed to mislead all Australians. Woodside and the West Australian Government are hoping Australians stay quiet and do nothing, but I think they underestimate what Australians truly value. This multi user LNG port and facilities will cost Australians more than their environment. We will have to pay to meet international shipping compliances in regards to anti-terrorism, domestic security measures which will include escorting massive LNG tankers in and out of Australian waters, protecting areas of land which could be accessed by potential terrorist groups, paying for treatment of contaminated and toxic waters within ships ballast systems. Meeting these international compliances for movement of LNG over water is massive and forever, eventually we will pay more to protect international investment in Australia than what will be invested in Australia by Woodside and partners (they will sell this lock, stock and barrel after they have been given approval to proceed with this outrageous proposal, I expect Woodside's shareprice will rise above $ 100 a share when they do sell this).

please everyone I want you to hit the "Like" button for this petition, also make a comment just write a name or any word you like and share to as many people as you can. This will help us to not only raise awareness but also to get the attention of our government who quite often follow No Dredging @ James Price Point, even though they don't make it obvious. Please, very important to hit "Like" and leave comments and share! Everyone must do this. Thanks!!

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