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Update on March 11, 2013

Bombing and brutalizing the people for POSCO's cause:

On March 2, a bomb attack claimed lives of 3 activists in Odisha, that were fighting for the cause of the villagers, tribes and the forests.

On March 7, When the world was preparing to celebrates Women's day, the village women of Govindpur , Dhinkia, Patanahat got brutally beaten up by police and goons close to armed police camp in Govindapur as they had gone there to demand withdrawal of police camp from the area and to allow them to live in peace on March 7 as continuous deployment of five platoons of police at Govindpur village has made life miserable for everybody.

South Korean Ambassador's Callous disregard for the people of Odisha:

On March 6th, South Korea's Ambassador Kim Joong Keun visited Odisha. When people in the proposed POSCO project site are mourning the killing of 3 activists of the movement who were killed in a bomb attack on March 2, the Ambassador did not say anything to express his grief. He was obsessed with the progress of POSCO project.

Requesting you all to please sign and show your solidarity for our country, its people and forests.  Your signatures will be delivered to the concerned people. Please do spread the word.

much gratitude


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