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Update on February 21, 2013

finally, someone from figment responded to my spam reports. i am grateful for the personal attention. however, i reminded them that the problem is not that figment has grown so quickly, but ...

if "size" were an issue, why don't i run into these kinds of problems on facebook, which has 1 billion members? i post my work regularly and i rarely have an issue with unsolicited contacts. why is it not a problem on facebook? 1) i can choose my friends and who has permission to post on my wall or message me; 2) there is a simple "report" button to handle problem posts and a "block" button to ensure that creeps can be deleted quickly; 3) i can choose who has access to my profile and my work; 4) i can delete any post relating to my work; and 5) because there are multiple means of communication on fb, "unwanted requests" usually go away when someone tries to friend you... and people desperate to start some kind of "cause" or generate a "1 million likes" can message, share, and chat with enough people who "don't mind" their shenanigans, they will leave strangers alone. and, they know that their account can be deleted at any time, if they harass others on fb.

what happened to me over the past week, NEVER could have happened on facebook. the moment an unsolicited creep posted something on my wall, i would have "reported and blocked him with TWO clicks. this would have saved me the back and forth that led me to shudder in tears! seriously, i had such an anxiety attack that i was almost hospitalized.

keep the pressure on. we only have a couple dozen signatures! we need over 1000!

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