Update #1 ·

Update on March 11, 2013

Let's get sharing the word with everyone we know in our online worlds.

This petition needs to be shared and shared again. Don't be scared of drumming the message home to the people you know. I'm sure that they have a sense of justice which will lead them to see that millions of British Pounds Sterling are being wasted through those who don't have a financial need for certain benefits claiming them just because they can. It's almost 10 years since Morrisons took over Safeway here in the UK. During the battle to buy Safeway, Sainsbury killed the first bidding dead by a last minute bid that was bigger than the rest. It was the only bid they made, which they promptly withdrew saying that they only did it because they could. Sainsbury's arrogance cost millions of public pounds and their biggest competitor won the bidding the second time. It's that kind of arrogance that keeps many of the rich and super rich of this country claiming money that they do not financially need. It is time to see sense and put an end to this financial waste.

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