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Update on April 12, 2013

Weekly #SaveTheCloneWars Twitter Protests Posted by Save The Clone Wars  at 10:52 PM by Kyle Newman.

#SaveTheCloneWars Several people have been asking about organizing another #SaveTheCloneWars twitter protest. The first one organized by Star Wars Underworld had a good turn out on Saturday at 12:30 pm EST (9:30 am PST). A few days ago, we had a good response on Facebook to the suggestion of a weekly protest on Saturdays at the same time, 12:30 pm EST/9:30 am PST. So, we are moving forward with this plan and ask you to spread the word! The #SaveTheCloneWars twitter protest is aimed at getting the attention of Disney and LucasFilm, and if possible to get #SaveTheCloneWars to trend on twitter.  Hopefully, the protest will also raise awareness of other Star Wars that may be unaware of the cancellation of The Clone Wars or perhaps unmotivated to raise their voices about the series that millions of fans have watched for the past five seasons. Kyle Newman Need some extra motivation to get involved withe campaign.  There is a great interview with Kyle Newman, director of Fan Boys, on the latest Out of the Blue podcast, at GeekNation.com.  Newman had some very passionate words to Star War fans and how they need to express to Disney how they feel about the show they loved getting cancelled. "Star Wars fans are drunk at the wheel.... They're not even paying attention to the fact that Disney just said 'George Lucas' Star Wars for the last 10 years, we just axed it for fun.'  Wake up, and go write a letter and go tweet them @Disney and tell them!  You're probably not gonna get the show back, you may, but they're not gonna put the show back on the air. They can give it an ending...  ...You need to tell Disney that they're not just gonna have their way with something that you've kept alive for 35 years! That's the symbolic thing. That's all I'm saying so if you're out there listening, wake up!  Stop worrying about your color forms and worry about that they just took George Lucas' story off the air.  Wake up and go write a letter!"

Check out the full interview at  Out of the Blue: Ep. 7: Kyle Newman.

Send your letters to Disney and LucasFilm.

Walt Disney Studios 500 S Buena Vista St

Burbank, CA 91521

Attn: Bob Iger

LucasFilm P.O. Box 29901

San Francisco, CA 94129-0901

Attn: Kathleen Kennedy Tweet to @Disney@StarWars@TheCloneWars and us

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