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Update on February 20, 2013

With just about a week left for our Winter Fundraising Drive we want to thank our growing list of generous donors:

John Avery Atkinson, Therese Rodriguez, Gabriella Hinojosa, Karen Moore, Alexis Aragon, Lily, Melisa Arias, Sandra Hernandez, Mimi, Gena Castro Rodriguez, Daniel Rodriguez, Ginger Castro, Philip Atkinson, Maria Reynoso, Caroline Faria, and Kaina Walker, Amy Smith, Liz Brown, and Kelsey Blakely!

We are doing well with approximately 25% of our goal reached BUT we NEED your  help to reach our goal of $15,000!! Give what you can to help this important organization continue to serve youth in need of support to make great changes in their lives.

Why you should give:

Because youth of color are over represented in the system

·  African American youth are approximately 65% of youth in custody in San Francisco

Because girls in the system have trauma related to their delinquency

·  80% of girls in detention have histories of abuse, neglect and sexual abuse

Incarceration is not treatment

·  65% of youth in juvenile justice system meet criteria for mental health disorders like PTSD, depression and anxiety

Detention is an ineffective strategy for juvenile delinquency

·  Recidivism rates are as high as 80%

Give to YJI now and help youth RECOVER, CHANGE and START OVER!

For more information and give to YOUTH JUSTICE INSTITUTE:




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