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Update on February 19, 2013

I found some pictures of the Mastiff while going through the photos of our cruise!  Here are some pictures I took of the English mastiff! Lets pray "Bubba" is still alive! These are the conditions he is living in. The Plastic hood was on him for so long. His left foot had  a purple wrap on his leg Julie says was from a hot spot. I told her i could bring some hot spot spray  that I use a licensed and certified IPT AMCP of Nevada, she turned it down. She also got VERY upset when I bought the White horse Mariah some sweet grain and a mineral rock. Eventually She took it. Whether is t went to Mariah the starving whites horse ill never know. 


Susan Wallis La Von

Please make calls for Bubba the Mastiff to: 702-455-7710 or 702-229-8348 or 702-229-644 option 2. They will give you the run around just PLEASE just keep calling to save thier lives! It is The Hutchingson ranch off off of Wittig and Mustand in Nevada.

Thank you!

Susan Wallis 


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