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Update on June 01, 2013

As of Friday, May 31, 2013, BANDIT IS FREE, BANDIT IS FREE, BANDIT IS FREE!!!!! 

We are pleased to announce that Sandi York (owner) and Patricia Workman (Bandit's advocate) along with the County of Sacramento have come to a point of resolution that allowed for Bandit to go home today, May 31, 2013, at approximately 6pm. 

We are joyous and grateful. Thank you to all of YOU for all the signed petitions, your thoughts, prayers, support, advice, suggestions, guidance and for sticking with us and believing in us and in Bandit through it all--without you today would not have been possible. It has been an extremely long road for Sandi, Page, and above all, Bandit. Bandit has truly endured and kept her grace and manners, where others have faltered or failed. She deserves her freedom and many years of love and happiness that her family will bestow upon her, and has already begun. 

Bandit's human and life force: Sandi York and Page York

Bandit's advocate and release negotiator: Pat Workman

Advisor (and a gem): Lori Malyj 

Bandit's independent behavior evaluator: Lisa Mullinax, 4 Paws Universityhttp://www.4pawsu.com/

The negotiation for Bandit's release was not secured through the legal arena, however, Bandit's attorney, Christine Garcia, served as legal advisor to Pat Workman. Christine Garcia, Esq. of San Francisco took the case pro bono 3 years ago and never gave up on Bandit and continued to offer her expertise and continued to be instrumental to this very day. Although Bandit's case was pending appeal, it never reached the appeal process and without today's release of Bandit, the legal process could have continued for another year or more, without any guarantee that Bandit's life would be spared. 

Bandit's release was secured through Advocacy and the County's willingness to work toward a peaceful resolution. Public pressure paved the way--thank you tremendously!!

Thank you to those listed above and all of you who volunteered your time and gave freely without asking for anything in return, today you get your prize and you should be proud of being part of the picture and in helping to bring justice for Bandit. 

The terms under which Bandit was released will not be disclosed, other than to say that Bandit's performance during the independent evaluation given by Lisa Mullinax was key in her ultimate release. We choose to instead focus on moving forward and relishing in this gift of a new beginning. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you all. To reach Bandit's advocate, Patricia Workman, email: [email protected] 

To view pictures of Bandit, visit her page on facebook.com/savingbandit or visit her website soon where we will post more information and pictures: savingbandit.com

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