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Update on January 15, 2013

Our petition's recommendations have been acknowledged by the Commissioner Of Police Mr. Neeraj Kumar in an email today stating: " Dear Citizen, Thanks for your E-mail. Your E-mail has been acknowledged by Commissioner of Police, Delhi and the same has been referred to the Special Commissioner of Police/L&O for further necessary action and your reference No.is 96/E-mail dated 03/01/2013. You may contact in his office on telephone No. 23490207 and 4207." Everybody supporting this petition may contact the above numbers and get an update on the action taken by Delhi Police on the recommendations of this petition. Keep up the good work and spread this petition as much as possible for maximum support to this noble cause and expeditious implementation of its practical and useful recommendations.

Campaign closed

These are the practical reforms required at the grassroot/every day level,the absence of which are the main reasons for victims voices getting muzzled at the very starting point. So if this is brought into motion then it will ensure that every voice is heard properly and reaches its logical conclusion via police investigations and courts punishing the criminals.

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