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Update on March 13, 2013

I am adding this update because I keep being told that I don't have any info about why it happened to my family. So here goes.

My daughter and myself went to a resort with my grandchildren after I had just put my best friend ( my beloved dog ) to sleep as he had cancer and was not getting any better from kemo etc. I was devastated. So...off we went to the resort for the night. While I was having a spa and the girls were playing hiding go seek, one of them got their little arm caught in the jug cord, which was up on the kitchen counter, but the cord was half way to the floor. My daughter had just boiled it to make me a cuppa.

Anyway she went to run off and he little arm was caught in the cord and the jug spilled onto the left side of her body... The room we were in did not have 000 to call, I had left my mobile at home, unbeknown to me until then, and we couldn't find my daughters phone. It was like everything was against us. After throwing my cloths on I ran knocking on door, after door, but no one would answer....

We covered the little one that got burnt in wet towels and put the children in the car as quick as we could and started to drive to the hospital, but my car over heated...anyway long story short. We got her to the hospital after a very distressing and long drive.

The next day D.C.P came and interviewed us at the hospital, my daughter first and then me. They said that everything was ok and not to worry. My daughter stayed at the hospital with my granddaughter and I went home to look after my other two grandchildren. 

Three days after the accident they decided to go and talk to my five year old granddaughter, I was upset by this, as something terrible had happened to her previously and they had told me that she was to young to talk to because they get confused. And now they wanted to talk to her about this. Which had an effect on her, and how could it not have had an effect on her ?

I went to pick them up from day care, while my daughter was still at the hospital with the other little one, that got burnt. When I got there, the boss of the day care at the time told me that D.C.P had rang and had asked if I could stay there because they needed to talk to me. I had arrived at the day care, at 4.30pm and was in a hurry as the children had a routine and if broken, they became irritable. They made me wait until 5.25 pm, nearly closing time. While I was in the office waiting for them, I saw the police pull up and I knew what was going to happen, they had tricked me into staying so they could take my grandchildren. Which they did, and at the same time they were doing this to me, they were throwing my daughter out of the hospital. Neither of us had any support, and as I am sure anyone can imagine. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to us, the pain was so unbearable. And you ask why, but you get no answer. They didn't even tell me why.....

WHY....because of one accident ? Accidents happen in every family, so why were my grandchildren taken ?

My grandchildren have NEVER been in any danger,they have NEVER been abused in any way or neglected. They were the most loving and stable children that I knew. They were always protected in every way and loved more than life itself.

HOW....can they take children from a safe and loving home because of one accident ? 

If anyone has the answer, tell me because it is beyond my comprehension, I don't understand and I never will.

After this happened to our family, I began to do a lot of research into this situation and was horrified at the fact that, they have been doing this to so many families, not just here in Australia, but all over the world. To me it is so......wrong.....and I will fight until my last breath because I think this desperately needs to be reviewed by Governments all over the world.

I hope this has answered the question for those, who needed to know why, my beautiful little loved ones were taken. And this IS,...the truth...

Deborah xx

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