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Update on December 21, 2012

My whitehouse.gov petition was stopped today, on the last day of this years session of the House and Senate. The petition was supposedly given a response by president obama, however the response is not worthy of being watched. Here is my breakdown of what was said in the 2:49 video: "Obama goes so far as to say that he wants to "protect" our Second Amendment rights and still make America "safer." Lies, and propaganda which is what one would expect from an administration that re-passes provisions of the Patriot Act and passed the NDAA. Obama needs to be reminded that not everyone will fall for his silver tongue, and that the Second Amendment states that "the right to bears arms, shall not be infringed." The petition was stopped not because I was given a response, but because the administration does not want opposition to their plans of banning weapons in the new session, early next year in January. My advice, buy whatever weapons you can at gun shows that leave little to no paper trail for the government to track. We do not want to end up like the American Japanese in the 1940's, and it nearly brings a tear to my eye just thinking about what they had to endure. Now more than ever we must spread this message and take action against the tyrannical government which means to leave us defenseless against it's private Blackwater militia. Do not allow the Second Amendment to be thwarted again, because in the end we all know what happened in other countries once we allow this to happen to us now. Do not let history repeat itself, and stand up for your Constitution and the Bill of Rights. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/end-gun-free-zones-and-we-people-demand-vote-citizens-protection-act-hr-2613/wYB29JCk Christopher Dillard

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