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Update on December 19, 2012

VIJANTI'S MEDICO LEGAL REPORTS NOT SHARED WITH THE FAMILY NOR MADE PUBLIC (Due to deliberate lack of care initially, her vaginal tear has been infected) Vijanti has been shifted from one hospital to the other but her medico legal reports have not been shared with the family either. Easer Meghwar, Vijanti's uncle said that Vijanti was not treated properly soon after the crime and the medico legal evidences were tampered at district hospitals of Umerkot and Mirpurkhas. (Vijanti is in Karachi now) . The Doctors at the hospital in Karachi also confirmed, that because Vijanti was not properly treated earlier, her vaginal tear got infected, which could cause serious complications permanently. The Pakistan Government is still protecting the perpetrators, who are linked with Pakistan Muslim League party. Yesterday about 2000 men & women gathered in Umerkot, Sindh (Pakistan) & carried out a demonstration bringing the traffic to a stand still for 3 hours but the Pakistan government and media still seem to be playing down the whole issue. We certainly need to create more pressure & awareness about the issue at the local & global levels. Regards, Amitabh Soni Director Hindu Human Rights UK www.hinduhumanrights.info Please follow us on Twitter: @AmitabhSoniHHR "Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander." HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, WASHINGTON DC

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