Update #1 ·

Update on December 14, 2012

Wow we've gotten over 13,000 signatures in just a few days. Thank you so much for helping to speak out against the treatment of Ms. Rhonda Lee. Let's keep up the momentum everyone! This is a great opportunity to create dialogue around issues that concern women like Ms. Lee who have chosen to allow her natural beauty to shine through against all societal pressures to conform to another beauty standard. Her eloquent response to her heckler taught many of what Black women like myself face on a daily basis. I want to thank those of you who while you may not actually face this issue want to stand with her. I applaud you!! I want to send a message that all women no matter their hair type, skin tone, eye color, weight or height should feel safe at work and have an employer that supports her when she is attacked and ridiculed for her looks. Please spread the word and encourage your friends to sign the petition. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend. Sabrina

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