Update #6 ·

Update on January 04, 2013

Well David has been home two weeks tomarrow and is healing fine, His therepy and rehab is going well. His determination to walk again is at its highest point, He pushes himself through the pain and hurt to make this his goal. We are at 1300 signature so far, We need to keep pushing forward though. My goal of 2000 is reachable. I am going to extend the cut off day till the end of february, to allow time for those who have not signed, I and My family Thank each of you for your support. Continue to pray for David and the other drivers recovery. She was released and has surgery to repair her Pelvis, once she recovers and released, she will be placed under arrest for Felony DUI and other charges are pending, I pray for her, she has a 3 year old, Beautiful little girl at home, instead she chose to go out drinking and nearly kill herself and my nephew. DUI laws needs to be changed folks, and only WE can make these changes. Thank you for your support,

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