Update #21 ·

Update on June 21, 2013

Thank you all who have signed we are just 3003 away from our goal of 25,000 with 10 days to go. This past Monday night June 17th at 9:30 PM my protector,companion and best friend lost her life to Cancer. Sgt MWD BEYCO H100 was a Military Police Patrol/ Explosive Detection Dog a Iraq War Veteran with 2 Tours and a Combat Action Ribbon Holder. She gave 8 years of her God given 11/1/2 years to her Beloved Marine Corps PROUDLY. It was her who inspired me to fight for these K9 Soldiers Past & Present.  We did this petition together with her by my side.  It was my intention to take this to D.C.together but God had other plans.  My Lady Warrior has no more steps but will and still walks with me and she will always be by my side. This Petition will get to John McCain for Beyco.  Also Beyco was a K-9 Veteran Member of the Kentucky Patriot Guard Riders with 33 Missions and 8 KIA Missions and  will be sadly missed by her KPGR Brothers and Sisters on the Flag Line. Please Invite a friend to sign in Remembrance of Sgt Beyco so our Goal of 25,000 can be reached before I download the signatures. I know we can do it for her. Please stop by Sgt Beycos Facebook page and leave her a message if you like and see all her amazing photos & story. It is at www.facebook.com/jksturm   So to all who signed one final Semper Fi from Beyco  THANK YOU ALL SEMPER FI BEYCO OUT!! 

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