Update #3 ·

Update on January 31, 2013

I am mailing letters out today to the people the petition is addressed to. Please spread the word so I can have as many signatures as possible to print. I am printing them out at 1pm cst today.

We received news yesterday that the state home we were waiting on does not have room for Colt. It took this long to finally hear back about that. Application packets have been sent to the other state homes, but if it took months to hear back from the first one, we are not confident in the promptness of the others. Upon hearing this news, Colt's current home has ended his extention as of Feb 15th. He will be going home with my sister Nikki. She is a full time nurse and a mom to two children. The financial strain of paying out of pocket for care for Colt while she is at work (she already has daycare costs for her youngest) and the emotional strain of caring for a high needs person like our brother plus her two boys is going to be a serious strain to the family. Nikki loves Colt more than anyone and she is great with him, but to expect her to care for him in this way is not right. But we can't put him out to the streets.

We ask for your prayers. For Colt, for my sister and her family, and for our country. That we allow things like this to happen is ridiculous. We are spending all of our time fighting about gun laws, marriage laws, other countries etc... (all important issues of course, but maybe not the most important right now) when there are innocent people not being cared for in our hometowns that are being thrown to the curb with nowhere to turn.

We have got to do something!!!

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