Update #2 ·

Update on December 27, 2012

Colt's time is now up at his current facility. They are still allowing an extention, but still have not given any time limit for that. So he might be allowed to stay for a few days or weeks, or they might send him to Nikki's house today. We feel very blessed that so many people are praying for our family and that we have been given at least some time, but its very scary to be in this limbo where the world could come crashing down on us at any moment. The forms to try and get him into a state facility have been filled out by the family for a while already and put in the hands of his caseworker. We have not heard anything more from them and have no idea when he might be able to get into that facility. Nowhere else seems to be able to take him. We can't do any more at this time except wait and pray. Please continue to spread the word about Colt's situation. 927 of you have signed our petition. I plan to mail them out later this week - but I'd like to keep collecting signatures and spreading the word. Please don't let this die down and be forgotten. We need the world to know about situations like this. We need help!

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