Update #7 ·

Update on December 07, 2012

Animal champions and lover of sanity and righteous behavior ... I NEED A CREW TO HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD >>> I am doing a terrible job ... I am not getting the response on this incredibly important Pledge that it requires to be taken seriously by the masses .... I have just this week seen petitions gain momentum in the 10s of thousands that were created after this one .. and this is five days old ... I fear that being a musician and not to skilled at public campaigning I am doing the process injustice ... Please show support by campaigning on behalf of the imprisoned animals who are caught in a system that has failed since it's inception ... a system of murder and money and mayhem .... I need a crew to help me worked this pledge ... 2200 signatures in 5 days is not a great advance for something as important as revising the animal control system ... we need immense numbers to get their attention .... and then the real work begins .... please help me ... please help the healthy and treatable animals that will die this very day and tomorrow and the next until we reach the last generation of murder .... they need you to be attentive and aware and spokespersons for their misery .... and their eventual relief

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