Update #8 ·

Update on March 04, 2013

Dear All,

Abbas Town, Karachi, was rocked yesterday by yet another terrorist attack in a Shia district, targeting people as they left their local masjid after praying. Men, women, children, old, young, rich, poor, Sunni and Shias have been killed. There are almost 50 dead, 100s injured. What is worse is that hours ago, as the dead had funeral prayers read over them and were being carried to the graveyard, terrorists from roof tops opened fire at the mourners. Many are feared dead again.

Please, do not be silent over this genocide! These killing rampages must stop!! Do your bit for humanity, write to your member of Parliament, organise protests and sit ins in your country and city, write to the inept impotent Pakistani government, and join us in saying 'We condemn genocide!'  Sign this petition, put it as a status on your facebook pages, email it to your friends, and let us show a united voice of humanity, regardless of creed, colour or sex, against violence.

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