Update #6 ·

Update on January 10, 2013

Salaam, Peace to All - in a time of no peace for some. Today, 81 people majority Shia, have been martyred so far as a result of twin blasts in Quetta city of Pakistan. Besides mostly Shias, a cameraman of a private TV channel, 4 volunteers of Edhi Foundation and 4 policemen are also among the martyrs. Nearly 200 are injured, with some in critical condition as hospitals face shortage of doctors and resources. This is Shia genocide, a silent genocide...we urge you to act, to protest, to raise awareness, to petition your governments to call and end to this violence. We urge the Pakistani government to wake up from its slumber and to take decisive action. We urge the law-abiding citizens of Pakistan to take to the streets in mourning and protest. Wherever in the world you live, please do your bit for humanity and protest.

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