Update #5 ·

Update on December 18, 2012

Dear All, Salaam, Peace on All. Thank you for signing the petition against Shia Killing in Pakistan. Your signature is very valuable because without it we cannot raise a collective voice. The signatures however are trickling in very slowly, and yet the killings and fear still continues. So please post this petition on your facebook walls and invite your friends to sign. You may be asking, what is the point in sitting in a comfortable safe home and just sign a petition on the net, what will that achieve? It is a valid question: we are waiting until we have near enough 5,000 signatures before we start sending copies of it to all the bodies mentioned in the cause statement, to ask why they are silent, to urge international bodies to put pressure on the Pakistani government to act, and indeed to approach the Pakistani government and known politicians to force the law to take action against the perpetrators. So please, keep spreading the word.

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