Update #5 ·

Update on February 19, 2013

Mass is not the source of energy; Energy is the source of mass.

To all those that have signed this petition, know that it is very powerful. In the world we call Earth, over 7000 people have said that they know Clean Energy exists, the type of energy that is never ending, for it is even in your body, it is your body. Do you know how much 'empty' space is in every cell of your body? This empty space isn't empty at all, just like the empty space in outer space isn't empty at all.
Did nyone hear any news about the 'God Particle' experiment? I didn't! I had to go searching the internet for the final conclusion. And here it is: http://projectearth.com/founder-essays/view/48-scientific-proof-of-the-presence-of-the-god-field-confirmed-by-cern

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