Update #4 ·

Update on January 15, 2013

Greetings to all. A cosmic visionary, Nikola Tesla was. Abundance is not something we receive or achieve, it's something we tap into. How do we do this? Now that's the right question. And the answer would be. Well in which way do you desire abundance. Since the word ABUNDANCE contains within it the word DANCE, for that's what this is... the great dance! Realize that no-one can point the finger to blame anyone or anything for the world we're in. Diving deep into the realm of potentiality each day, now that sounds promising. But due to the constant bombarding of outside situations, earthly problems if you will... it requires discipline and constant intention to maintain the balanced state of wholeness. This update is to reinforce the fact that the problem does not lie in Fossil fuels or the way we generate energy, nor the government or any corporation. They simply exist. As everything always does and forever will. Would you dare contemplate the fact that even the word DIVINE contains VINE and DIVINELY has DEVIL. Good and Bad, Light and Dark, Yin and Yang. We are in duality over here. Is there more that exists than duality. Or is that all that LIFE is? Or could what we think LIFE is, be but a complicated LIE? Will we rise above or continue experiencing being trapped by the vines of life. It's a choice. An informative website that may fuel some excitement: http://www.teslaenergy.org/index.html Enjoy

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