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There are two media requests currently

Hi Folks,

There are two media requests currently: The first is looking for people described below:

Journalist seeks stressed-out student loan debtor to interview, someone who faces dire financial circumstances: homelessness, joblessness, (and, in any other case, bankruptcy… grumble) or severe financial hardship… And journalist is very worried that may describe many Americans. Are your parents not around to help? Or, like many Americans, facing too much difficulty to extend a hand? Is your debt overwhelming? Are you working multiple jobs and still looking for more income? You don't need to be all of the above, I'm just trying to give an idea of who I'm looking for. I am interviewing people for a series of stories about the state of student loans in America. Please write me at [email protected] with some details of what happened to you and a phone number where you can be reached for a phone interview, if you're willing. To explain where I'm coming from, TakePart.com is a news site dedicated to social activism and making the world a better place. We are owned by the production company behind movies like "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Food Inc." _ and many others.

The second media request we have is seeking people who were recently (ie within the past few years) unable/unwilling to go to their first choice school because of insufficient financing. Contact me if you fit this description with a short synopsis of your experience, and contact info. Email is best: [email protected]


Alan Collinge



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