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Update on December 22, 2012

Free Politics Money changing hands in politics only serve the 'fortunate' special interest groups, and scams and mistakes affect people in all layers of society proportionally. -Your loyalty to the team or community is rewarded with poisoned water, food and air. The quest for oil brings harm, - farmers and soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan. Despite the fact that f.ex. cannabis could fuel and feed and medicate the world. -And then first year into the western worlds control of Afghanistan, the amount of heroine on the streets imported from Afghanistan rose from 10% to an incredible 60%. !!? -And now statistics show 90% of all heroine on the streets in the U.S. of A. coming from Afghanistan. I'll take a wild shot at the fact that it is not the 'terrorists' importing such amounts. Why do we keep the corrupt systems greedy? -The current system supports chemical-medication to alleviate any kind of symptom, and doctors are quick to prescribe, as their income is dependent on it. - Big Pharma funds the President of the U.S.of A.. - Big Pharma promotes many cancer causing drugs. And their 'cures' for cancer causes death or illnesses. -The US government have known for decades that cannabis cures cancer,- they even patented it. -And we all know now from extensive research that cannabis cures much more than cancer, and cures for diseases are being lost with the rain-forests everyday by the lumber-industry. - And they release genetically modified organisms into nature, fully aware of the many studies proving them unhealthy. -And the 'Frankensteiners' do have our only natural anti-cancer remedy,- cannabis,- at risk from cross-pollination by the potentially cancer causing, governmental genetically modified plant G-13 (G-13 is a 'modified' cannabis strain.) What many also fail to realize is that the human body have been starved of essential oils for generations, thanks to the U.S. ban on cannabis. We get more and more susceptible to illnesses. - Meanwhile they pump kids full of Big Pharm pills that make them go kill people with bombs and guns. -And then they try and disarm the innocent. - and that after stocking up on hollow-points for 'domestic use'!! Big Business would like to make everything unavailable or illegal for You. Then their continuing, blindly aimed damage controls and crazy human experiments can not be questioned. Why the resistance to have a healthy population? -Throw in the mix Aspartame, unnessesary vaccinations, GMO's, flouride, pollution etc., and what can be the result of the marriage between state and corporations? Paradise, or a zombie-state of mindbend scare-crows? Or is it just like Mussolini said: Facism. If we were allowed to grow our own food and medicines, there would be no drug-dealers. And no drug cartels running Your government. ;) At the end of the day I would bet a used bill from my wallet, that it probably came into contact with cocaine at some point on it's way to me.

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