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I feel the police are just too quick to use their sidearms for not good reason. They seem to think that just because the can carry a gun they can get away with murdering a dog who was not attacking an officer but just trying to go to his master who was being unreasonably detained by police. In addition, after shooting Max once and then while he was trying to run away the officer shot him four more times which was totally uncalled for!
I feel and I know there are others that share this same feeling the the officer should be fired, heavily fined and made to pay restitution to Max's owner for the unwarranted death of Max. There should be stricter rules and guidelines upon police officers ability to use deadly force against defenseless animals! I ask all that read this and the other stories on Max's wall to join this campaign to fire this officer and put a stop to the police thinking that can get away with anything they want just because they have a badge and a gun. T.J. Brown

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