Petros Constantinou
Petros Constantinou campaign leader

CLOSE AMYGDALEZA, asylum to refugees, legalize immigrants
The detention centre of Amygdaleza is a camp where almost 1600 refugees are suffering humiliation, police violence and torture. This is one of the Greek Guantanamo’s builded by the government last year when more than 100,000 immigrants were stoped and searched by the police in the streets identifying them by their black colour. More than 5,500 ended in concetration camps.
In Amygdaleza, last August the immigrants revolted against torture by policement who punished them by cutting electricity and preventing them of having air condition working when the heat was devastating in Greece. Fifty five of them are prosecuted. All refugees are expected to stay in prison for 18 months and there are many cases of suicide attemps. One Afghan refugee died because of denial of the authoritiew to allow them access to medical care. Thousands of women and children lost their lives in the waves of the Aegean sea, lovely tourist destination but cemetery of dreams of refugees who try to escape death fromtheir bombed countries. The government supports that to be a refugee is to be a criminal just because they are entering the borders not the same way as rish investors are doing.
On the same time millions of euros go to the greek state by EU to finance this operation that includes closing the border with FRONTEX, an army patrolling the borders. People in Greece are suffering because of the austerity measures that spread poverty, unempoloyment and destroy education and health system when the governments are spending millions to build new prisons for the immigrants.
We want more freedom and rights for all! People want to live without the horrors of poverty, war, suppression of freedom. Some millions are forced to leave their houses, villages and towns, to separate from their beloved ones just to escape from death. That is why borders should be open and immigrants and refugees should be wellcome everywhere. We are for life not for death. Discrimination against immigrants and refugees is the other side of victimising the same people in their countries with wars and suppression. We are all less free if these people do not have rights and hospitality. We have a deficit of democracy if refugees end in a concetration camp that remind us of methods of Nazis that ended in the extermination of "the others", the jews, the gays, the Roma, the disabled, the tradeunionist, the democrats and socialists.
The policies of mass deportations, closure of the borders with fences and the FRONTEX in Europe means death for thousands before some of them ending in a concetration camp. These policies that are scapegoating immigrants for the failures of ruling elites to afford social life with dignity for all are opening the wah for neo-Nazi parties.
The immigrants of Amygdaleza last April oragnised a mass hunger strike followed by 3000 prisoners. They demanded FREEDOM and the closure of the concetraion camps and to get legal papers to live and travel.
We support thei demand and ask the greek government ot close down Amygdaleza now!

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