Petros Constantinou
Petros Constantinou campaign leader

KEERFA, the Movement Against Racism and Fascist Thread, is an initiative of activists, intellectuals, artists, trade unionists, students, women, immigrants that resists the rise of neo-Nazis and the racist polisies of the government. Last january 2013 KEERFA mobilized thousands with the slogan "Athens an antifascist city". KEERFA supported the rigth for citizenship of the children born in Greec by immigarnt parents. It also supports equal riths for immigrants rsisting discrimination in jobs, education etc. KEERFA supports the rigths of mogrant workers and last April mobilized thousand in the strawbery fields of Manolada when 33 bagladesh workers were shot asking for their salaries to be paid. KEERFA is movement supporting immigarnts who lost their freedom in detention centres. Its coordinator, Petros Constantinou has been prosecuted by Greek state and neonazis and he faces charges of disturbing the international relations of the country and provoking fera to the population.

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