Update #2 ·

Update on September 13, 2012

September 12th,2012 Took MaryJane to the vet for surgery. This nice lady paid for it but we must pay her back. Almost $400! The vet took her bullet out of her neck! Damn that was one heavy ass bullet! (a 45) He fixed her mouth as much as he could. She has absolutely no bone left on the top of her jaw. It was all blown away. They had to dig teeth, bone and bullet fragments from inside her mouth and her throat. He said she was a mess!!!! She needs to go back in for more at a later time. I was a big baby and cried when he put her under in my arms. Her body just went limp. She gets to come home tomorrow. The vet cant understand how she survived the shooting and he is in total dismay at how the bullet got into her neck. There was no exit hole and no way for it to get where it ended up. We asked him in his point of view if he thought the area that she was shot if she could have been attacking him at the time she was shot. He said he could not say on the record because he was not a forensic but all he kept saying is my opinion "This dog should not have been shot" ! I have had other professionals look at her and they all told us that where she was shot she would have either had her head down or she was laying down when she was shot!!!!! We are still working on finding a lawyer (possibly pro bono) but so far no luck. Also getting therapy for our 9 year old son. Two days ago a cop went by the house with his lights on and siren and he ran to the dogs hugging them and crying scared to death they were coming for them. His opinion of police now is not good and that is sad! I always taught my kids that cops were good. They dont believe that now!

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