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Update on April 15, 2013

Thank all of you so much for your support in signing this Petition. Sorry that it has been so long since I updated this. Not only was this petition helpful in Court, but also it kept me motivated through the very slow JUSTICE System.

On November 14, 2012 the final hearing resulted in a win. Restitution was ordered. The Defendant Criminal was not only ordered to replace the cost of 2 Registered Yorkies, but because they were bred the Judge also ordered her to pay for lost income from puppies. He even awarded transportation costs to find a reputable yorkie Breeder and fence repair. But it was a hollow WIN for me. An appeal was filed but the Public Defender representing the Defendant.

Being patient is not one of my strong points and the Court system is very slow. Here I am almost a year later still waiting for status quo financially. While the appeal was in the hands of the Judge the Defendant chose to not make any court ordered restitution payments, as a result through an Order to Show cause was filed by the Prosecuting Attorney and a bench Warrant was issued for her arrest because she did not even bother to show up in court.

Her total disrespect for the Law, for my precious little yorkies, the Court (Judge), the State Attorneys and for me resulted in the Judge slamming the hammer down and denying her Appeal. She had no choice to either pay for this crime financially or go to Jail. On May 12, 2013 I received my first payment through the court.

Although the payments are a meager $50.00 per month, she will be paying for a long time and the Judge filed a lien against her, which she can not dodge through any type of bankruptcy. A small consolation that will never make up for being attacked by her two dogs and having my little Yorkies killed.

It is a blessing that she finally moved to the other side of town and I do not have to look at her every day.

Again thank-you all for your support 

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