Update #12 ·

Update on February 26, 2013

Sweden have done nothing to solve the situation concerning Mr Assange. This is unacceptable. Sweden continue to make fools of themselfs by slaughtering endangered wolves and sell out for money in every political move they make. The cost for UK watch on Ecuadorian embassy is reported to have passed  £ 2,9 million. Money that could have been spent on people who need it desperatly in UK. In Sweden they aim at wiping out the few wolves left, in the same way they want to wipe out whitleblowers and journalists who expose corruption. We with this stress the urgency of this boycott of both UK and Sweden and with this boycott we now also honor Susi the possibly pregnant wolf the Swedish state today decided again to kill spite earlier court order to not harm her. These nations need to sit down and think long and hard about their priorities and the only way to make this happen is thru sanctions against them and we need to make sure they truly feel that we mean this. Thank you for your support and dont forget to spread this to get the effect we need for them to listen to people globally, united we are strong!

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